Interested in Poland?

This thread is intended to contain information useful to people travelling to Poland. From Visa related issues, to discusses on different Polish Immigration programs.
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Interested in Poland?

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If you are looking for greener pastures, then Poland isn't the place to go but if you are looking for a country that can serve as a stepping stone to your dream country, then Poland may be the right destination for you.

Cost of living is quite moderate compare to some countries in western Europe like Germany. To know more about cost of living in Poland, search for numbeo poland on google, you will see an updated well detailed information on the cost of living in Poland

The official language of Poland is polish so for someone coming from an English speaking country, surely, communication is going to be difficult but i will advice you to try your possible best to learn their language, it will make you feel very comfortable when you get there.

Jobs are not in abundance there and the wage is not encouraging. My ex girlfriend confirmed it as well. That is why millions of polish people are scattered all over EU and North America. Teaching English language is what international students do in Poland. That being said, your student resident permit allows you to travel to all the 26 countries in schengen zone. Germany is not far from Poland, so you may extend your job search there wink

I once heard of a program for international students in Poland, it's called "holiday working visa" i don't know if it's still ON or not but if the program is still on, you can apply for it and get a chance to work in US or Canada during summer. Working in Canada or US will add colour to your CV and this may open a way for you to live and work in the US or Canada.

I wish you good luck
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Re: Interested in Poland?

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This is enlightening.
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