Interested in travelling to Belgium? Check here

This thread is intended to contain information useful to Nigerians travelling to other parts of Europe not mentioned above. Feel free to use this thread accordingly.
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Interested in travelling to Belgium? Check here

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To apply for a visa for a short stay (up to 90 days) in Belgium, you must submit the following documents to the embassy or consulate responsible for your place of residence:

1. A valid travel document (e.g. national passport) in which a visa can be affixed . This travel document must be valid for three months longer than the visa.

2. A visa application form correctly completed, signed and accompanied by two recent passport photos bearing a true likeness to the applicant.

3. Documents proving the purpose of your trip (e.g. a letter of invitation) and the circumstances of the planned stay (e.g. hotel reservation, staying with a private individual).

4. Documents proving that you have sufficient means of subsistence, covering both the duration of your stay and your return journey:

- either your own financial means (e.g. hotel reservation, cash, cheques and credit cards accepted in Belgium, an employment contract, bank statements, proof of enrolment on the trade register and/or of professional activity);

- or the guarantor's financial means: A pledge of financial support is specific proof of means of subsistence. It offers a solution in situations where you cannot prove your own solvency. Through this pledge of financial support, a Belgian national, or a foreign national resident in Belgium, acts as a guarantor for your period of residence, your return journey and your medical costs. The guarantor should ask for the pledge of financial support (also called Annex 3bis) at the municipality (commune/gemeente) of his/her place of residence. The guarantor does not have to be the issuer of the invitation. When the pledge of financial support has been authenticated by the municipal authorities, the original document must be submitted to the relevant embassy or consulate, within six months of the authentication, together with:

* a copy of the guarantor's last three pay slips or any other (official) document proving his/her solvency. In the case of a family visit, the guarantor must earn at least 800 euro net per month + 150 euro for each of the guarantor's current dependents and/or + 150 euro for each person invited. In the case of a visit to friends, the guarantor must earn at least 1,000 euro net per month + 150 euro for each of the guarantor's current dependents and/or + 200 euro for each person invited;
* a copy of a document proving that the guarantor is of Belgian nationality (identity card) or has authorisation to stay in Belgium indefinitely (residence permit).

Given that the number of current dependents is a factor in determining the solvency of the guarantor, it is also advisable to submit proof of the make-up of the guarantor's family together with evidence of any family benefits received.

5. Proof that you are the holder of a valid travel insurance policy, either individual or group, covering the cost of repatriation on medical grounds, urgent medical treatment and/or urgent hospital treatment. As a rule, you must take out insurance in your country of residence. If your host takes out the insurance for you, he/she must do so in his/her own country of residence. To find out which insurance policies are accepted, you should enquire at the relevant Belgian embassy or consulate. The insurance must be valid throughout all of the Schengen countries and must cover the whole duration of the stay. The minimum cover is 30,000 euro.

6. Proof of transport arrangements (return ticket): as soon as your visa application has been approved, you must submit a return ticket (in your name and non-transferable) in order for the visa to be issued.

You only need submit the return ticket and travel insurance policy once the Belgian embassy or consulate informs you that your visa has been granted. This is to avoid unnecessary expense on your part. However, the embassy or consulate may ask you to submit proof that a return ticket has been reserved.

The documents listed above are only the basic documents to be submitted in all cases. Additional documents may be requested by the embassy or consulate.


In some cases, the visa application procedure may take a long time so you should submit your application as early as possible. For a short stay, you should normally apply for your visa three to four weeks prior to departure.

When the application is complete, it is sent in some instances to the Immigration Service at Federal Public Service Home Affairs in Belgium, which decides whether or not a visa may be issued (Chaussée d'Anvers 59B Antwerpsesteenweg, B-1000 Brussels, Tel.: +32 2/793.80.00, Fax: +32 2/274.66.91,,


Young people and minors

Children under the age of 16 may enter Belgium without their own individual travel document if accompanied by one of their parents, grandparents or by a guardian, provided this person is of the same nationality as the child and the child is included on his/her passport. Children for whom this is not the case must have their own valid travel document containing a visa if necessary.

Minors travelling alone or with persons other than their parents require a statement of authorisation to travel signed by both parents or by a legal guardian. This statement must be authenticated by the local authorities. Minors travelling with one of their parents also need this authorisation if their parents are divorced.

In some cases, schoolchildren or students are required to have a statement from their school to the effect that they are on holiday and are not missing classes.

Access to the territory

Presentation of a visa does not grant an unconditional right to enter Belgium or the Schengen area. When you present your visa at the border, you may be refused access to Belgium if you are clearly without means of subsistence and are unable to procure such means by undertaking legal paid employment. Proof of adequate means of subsistence may take the form of cash, cheques and credit cards accepted in Belgium, the original copy of a pledge of financial support, a work contract, bank statements, proof of enrolment on the trade register and/or of professional activity.

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Re: Interested in travelling to Belgium? Check here

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I have been wanting to do this for about 2weeks now but i am a lazy writer, very lazy... LOL

My travel date was due 21st January, but about few days to that day, i tracked my application online via the VFS and the status has changed from "Application forwarded to the Belgium embassy" to "Application is being processed by visa application center. Contact visa application center for more details". I was happy thinking i was about to be receive some good news, i called VFS, a lady picked and said my application was still with the Abuja embassy. I was surprised.

I sent a mail to the Abuja embassy, they replied and said they forwarded my application to Brussels and that they are waiting for decision of the Home Office in Brussels. Well, i called my friend who is inviting me and told him everything. He called them from over there and they said it takes minimum of 30days ( working and non-working days inclusive ) and maximum of 60days ( in rare cases ) to process a visa. And that we should give them more time.

My Dutch friend who made the booking had to call Lufthansa to reschedule my flight ( he was the one who booked it anyway). Again yesterday, he called them and they at Brussels seeing how serious he is said they will attend to my application this week.

That's the update so far. As we forge ahead, i will make out time to update, but like i said, i am very lazy to write, i prefer talking... LOL
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Re: Interested in travelling to Belgium? Check here

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Hey guys i need some advice. pls n pls if you've nothing reasonable to say just ignore.
I want to travel to Dubai by early next year, work n do business for two years then migrate to usa to further my Academics in medicine n maybe get a Msc n phD simultaneously and settle down there. I already have a 2:1 degree in Anatomy.
My Uncle is strongly advising me to avoid Muslim countries and also emphasizing that my name "Israel" is a no no in Dubai(funny tho). He's advising i go to Australia or usa but I'll av to work for two years under a company.
my concern is that i feel Dubai 'll be better for me to start with as it 'll cost me less n I'll av more time for myself to do other things like business which i av so much affinity for.
I'm a Batch C1 Corper serving in Katsina n currently doing foodstuff supply business here n bout to pass out in few weeks time.
your advice 'll be highly appreciated thanks.
Thank you!
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