Travelling to canada

This thread is intended to contain information useful to people travelling to Canada. From Visa related issues, to discusses on different Canada Immigration programs.
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Travelling to canada

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I got admission to MUN for engr'ng management earlier this year(and I got an agent for the visa application.though my school fees was 22k CAD,i had a closing balance of over 6m though about 3million left some weeks after,I was denied based on SPONSORSHIP NOT CREDIBLE.
A friend that works with an oil firm wanted to co-sponsor then but my agent said it might not fly cos I already had a family and it might be difficult for the VO to swallow that.Though I am married with a kid,my wife lost her job late last year,so i could not add her salary account statement.
MUN has sent my new deferral offer against 2014 and I plan to start the application myself.Please i need all the right guidance I can get.My monthly salary is about 220K per month.kindly advise how best to package the application to avoid the sponsorship credibility issue agai.
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Re: Travelling to canada

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So sorry your agent did not give you the brilliant idea he was meant to render.

There are red flags you must avoid when applying as a married man because the VO is interested in knowing how you plan to support yourself and family without working in Canada even if you are entitled to 20hrs/week work permit.

A tuition of 22k by an exchange rate of 157 to a dollar, will give you 3.45M; so your balance needs to be almost double this amount because you are self sponsored and have no other means of support.

I have a colleague who was in same situation but finally he got his trv and he is currently in canada. In his case he payed his tuition upfront before applying.
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