USA Visa

This thread is intended to contain information useful to people travelling to America. From Visa related issues, to discusses on different USA Immigration programs.
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USA Visa

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Good morning fans, pls I need your answer to this pls.
I did my medical and police report few weeks to my interview date but unfortunately, my interview date was cancelled due to COVID19.
My question is when finally they call me for interview, will I still go with the police and medical report have done since March/April?.
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Re: USA Visa

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I observed that Kazakhstan has a very bad review on nairaland , I also read the message here before I came ,and I was so discouraged and this would have happened to many people ,the truth is that if you travel to any country without the right visa or permit you make yourself very vulnerable, if you are young and have money to study here I highly recommend it ,they are jet light ahead of Nigeria ,in terms of infrastructure it's highly developed like any European country ,and the cost of education is low and the are now member of the Bolgona treaty which makes their certificate recognised in any EU countries. Also an average kazak is very hospitable and devoid of racism.
If you find a university or course you like I recommend you go for it ,most especially if the university has collaborations with universities in usa ,and schegen countries ,you spend one semester here and move to the partner university.
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