How to migrate from Nigeria to Australia

This thread is intended to contain information useful to people travelling to Australia.
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How to migrate from Nigeria to Australia

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You’ve got a couple of options. I’d always choose option 1 and then look further into it.

Contact the Australian government for options that relate specifically to your situation. Migration to Australia |
They will give you some ideas about ways to legally get over here, all of them will cost you money and the faster you want to get here, the more it will cost.

2. Marry an Australian citizen and get a spouse visa, easier said than done as you’ll need to prove your relationship is genuine…if it is, no problem, if you get caught lying you’ll probably never be allowed in, even as a tourist.

3, if you do have special skills then you can apply for a skilled migrant Visa, the trouble is the list changes every year so its no good training for three years now and then finding out that skill is no longer on the list.

4. Get a tourist Visa, stow away on a plane then claim asylum when you get here. Not recommended because if you can’t prove you are a genuine refugee you’ll be a) deported never allowed to return or B) worse. Detained indefinitely on Nauru or Manus Island then forcibly repatriated once your will breaks and you plead to go home.

5. Buy passage with a smuggler from Indonesia to Australia. You will be picked up by the Navy and sent directly to Nauru and Manus Island and left to rot. If you choose this option, you will never be allowed to migrate to Australia. (Not recommended)

It is no longer easy to come to Australia unless you have buckets of money or special skills, if you’ve got either then the site above will help you get the first few steps.

Good luck.
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